Labeling System

Labelwright® Pallet Label System

Label Management Software

Control Dynamics provided custom labeling solutions across the nation since 2007 and this extensive application knowledge lead to the creation of the Labelwright® product line comprised of label management software and label controller. Control Dynamics developed a system that is made with the end customer in mind, trying to allow for flexibility and many options that can be tailored to fit many application needs.

The Labelwright® label management software is a powerful tool developed to integrate with ERP systems to support automatic updates of product and order data. The capabilities of the software include:

  • Print serialized, unique un-serialized, or identical labels.
  • Support for custom label formats in a variety of print engine languages.
  • Scalable from a single machine for one line up to controlling labeling for the whole plant.
  • Capable of manual data editing at any time.
  • Ability to print a sample label to prevent incorrect labeling.
  • Capable of reporting printed labels to restful web services, databases, or as a flat file.
  • Ability to reprint a previously printed label.
  • Ability to print one-off labels without affecting current configurations.
  • Support for individual customizations capability per client.
  • Able to show the status of the label controller when paired with a Labelwright® label controller.
  • Interface with label verification systems.
  • Support for multiple printers on a single line as well as multiple lines for a single printer.
  • Local record of all printed labels and all actions taken at client computers.


  • Label server runs on the Microsoft Windows platform.
  • Native label client runs on the Microsoft Windows platform.
  • Product data and order data is read from consistently formatted flat files.

Label Controller

The label controller features Rockwell Automation CompactLogix 5380 Controller, with dual IP address and socket connections capabilities. The controller is paired with an intuitive operator interface that provides system diagnostics and tool for troubleshooting. The entire panel design and hardware make it possible for the system to interface with a variety of label applicator brands and existing customer conveyor control systems – the interlocks can be hardwired or implemented via Ethernet communication. The application can be configured to track product from multiple sources to a shared labeling system.

Project Details

Finished goods pallet labeling – generate, manage, and apply labels

  • ERP Systems with Automatic Updates
  • Label Controller
  • Label Management Software
  • Pallet Labeling System
  • with dual IP address and socket connections capabilities